Handwrought Jewellery- Making Your Own Ethnical Jewellery  

Bobby ring and chunky pendant

Started doing this Handmade Jewellery course in January, one of my New Year judgments which I am actually fulfilling, and I must say it feels great. So far I have made a bobby ring and a bobby and brass pendant. The ring was simple enough with a bit of forging but the pendant took me three classes to complete. Suppose my design was just too elaborate for a freshman but that is just me, I noway go for the simpler effects in life because it may be easier as I do fancy unique jewellery.

Bobby lavaliere next

This week I’ll be trying my hand at a lavaliere. I have formerly cut out the essence and hotted through the essence and will start twisting it into shape hereafter. Making handwrought jewellery is hard work. No doubt it gets easier once you know what you’re doing but it’s also veritably remedial wearing jewellery and more specifically ethnical jewellery designs that you have handcrafted yourself. When people respect my ring and pendant and ask where I got it, I can not tell you how I swell with pride when I say,”I made it myself”. They generally can not belief that it’s chunky jewellery I made myself.

I remember I took up sewing times agone and noway had the confidence to wear the clothes I darned. To be honest I noway had the tolerance for sewing and indeed though you do bear tolerance with jewellery timber, I do not feel to mind. Passion for what you’re doing makes all the difference and I’ve no confidence issues wearing the fruits of my labour.

Handwrought jewellery gifts

Enough soon I know that I’ll be making my own handwrought jewellery gifts for Christmas and birthday gifts for musketeers and family which piecemeal from being unique and special I know they will treasure for a long time. In fact people are formerly asking me if I can make them a chunky pendant like my own. It’s great when you can impact jewellery design and make exactly what suits you especially since ethnical jewellery really appeals to me.

Handwrought jewellery course

Still, also why not get your hands dirty and find yourself a course, If you like wearing handwrought jewellery. As a freshman you would need at least a 12 week course ( attending formerly a week for between 2-2 ½ hrs per session) to water-soak your appetite for jewellery timber. A course that offers different situations of development for illustration freshman, intermediate, advanced is great so you can continue and move up as your chops progress.