Reclaiming Unused Space in Your House – Under the Stairway

Are there configurations in your closet? How about under your stairway? If it has been a while since you have ventured a look under there perhaps it’s time you allowed about what you could do with that space.


For numerous people the space under the way is a place to throw redundant sports outfit, toss out of season apparel, junk, or worse-it’s just dead space not being used for anything!

.With a little creativity and a bit of work you can turn that small space into a big surprise.


How about a phone cell? If your space is on your first or alternate position of your home and you have a hard time chancing a quiet place to talk on the phone this might be the answer to yourproblem.However, make one, If you do not formerly have a doorway leading under thestairs.However, also use it, If youdo.However, install lighting (either wired in or battery) and either bring in a president or make in a cozy padded bench, If light is a problem. If you do not have a door you can either make one by hanging a curtain or putting in a fund door or cutting a bifold door on a track to size. Be creative! If you can not run a phone jack into this space that is OK- just put one of your cordless phones in then!

Need Further closet space? The understairway space in my house happens to be in my son’s room. Until lately it was a catch-all for toys and other junk. I lately removed all the junk, placed old shelves on their sides along one wall that she could place her shoes on top of and inside of and above that hung a vented line shelf. I hung her dresses and longer clothes on hangers from the front of the shelf and placed her folded jeans and redundant robes on the top of the shelf. Also I put small hooks down the wall on which to hang pocketbooks and belts. I also hung a handheld umbrella with lights  cord from the light on the wall so she can reach it. This doubled the closet space in her room.


You could also turn this space into a fleece/ marquee/ shoe closet if the understairway space is centrally located in the house. The key is to keep the space organized with shelving, lockers and hanging rods.

Kid’s Playroom Before I turned this space in my son’s room into closet space and before it came a catch-all, I used the understairway space in her room for a nest playroom for her. I placed her 3-ft X 4-ft doll house along one wall and all her Barbie dolls and accessories in plastic stackable hole units under the way. Kiddies love to get back in little spaces they suppose no bone differently can pierce and will play there for hours. Also, you can line the innards of this space with whiteboard paneling that the little bones can draw on with dry- abolish labels!


Computer and Electronics Charging Station This is a good place to have a charging station for all your electronic widgets similar as IPods, telephones, and to keep the handheld games and similar. Just make in the shelves you need with labeled lockers for each item and the lockers for each cord to come up through and acceptable wiring and containers. You may need to hire an electrician for this-you’ll need to check your original structure canons. This is also a great place to keep the family timetable and a white board to keep everyone organized. This especially works if the understairway space is centrally located in the house, similar as in the kitchen or dining or foyer area. The space will need to be well lit.