When producing Portal purposes, There may be an inclination to pit a lot of functionalities within the portal node. You’ll find easier means by which we can reduce the load within the portal node by adhering to Some suggestions:

Stay clear of operating multiple providers on exactly the same portal node. e.g. Setup Search on a unique node or serve illustrations or photos from the devoted server ( could be edge server)
Avoid synchronising session data across portal nodes. Sync consumer session data making use of Dynacache is large overhead about the CPU and is rather memory intensive. Try out utilizing sticky sessions or stay away from storing large facts on session
When making use of WCM off the portal node, find out if you can make usage of remote rendering mahe manipal library portal
instead of local rendering
Check out bundling reasonable portlets in exactly the same EAR. Can help to stay away from several classloaders
Uninstall the portlets that aren’t getting used in the natural environment. If you are running the setting employing XMLAccess, 1 may even uninstall the executive portlets
Cache just as much as feasible – whether it’s WCM material or portal belongings
Should you deploying more recent portal programs – check if you can also make use of Consumer Facet Aggregation (CSA)
Apart from a number of the earlier mentioned, other reasons why portal node migh be receiving overloaded is

Login course of action – Could possibly be using far too lengthy.
Landing Page – a lot of portlets, facts currently being retrieved from numerous methods
Caching – to acquire that excess functionality, lots of periods, we check out to have the complete knowledge and cache, to ensure that in the event the user clicks much more or extend, we might have the capacity to serve from your cache.
Trace logger enabled for that Server
Use of significant themes
Number of portlets / page

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