Six Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Selling a house is stressful at the best of times. It can be even more confusing if you have no previous experience in the market. It is easier to focus on buying your new home if you have some guidance on selling the old one.

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1. Motivation and Setting Limits

You need to decide what your main priorities are regarding your sale and set your limits accordingly. For instance, do you care more about selling quickly or about obtaining the highest possible price? Make sure you communicate your needs to your estate agent.

2. Choosing an Estate Agent

Some agents will overvalue your property, so you cannot just go for the one who offers you the best price. Lower estimates may ignite more competition and eventually sell better. You can always compare an online price valuation tool to your agent’s estimate.

3. Target Audience

One subject to discuss with your estate agent is your target audience. Any advertising should be directed at the people most likely to buy your home – for instance, if you are looking for young families, you need to be aware of local schools.

4. Choosing a Conveyancer

Choose a conveyancer or solicitor around the same time you pick your estate agent. You do not need them yet, but it is the best way to ensure understanding and clear communication. Try to organise paperwork as soon as possible. You do not need to use your estate agent’s recommended conveyancer.

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5. Common Costs:

Energy Performance Certificate

You need this before the house is put on the market. Your estate agent should be able to help you.

Estate Agent Fees

This will be a percentage of the sale price and is paid once the sale is officially complete.

Conveyancing Costs

As Sam Conveyancing explain, there are certain costs in conveyancing that are fixed, such as legal fees. If you do not get a fixed quote, standard aspects of the legal fees may be charged as additional costs.

Mortgage Lender’s Fees

If you are selling a property on which you already have a mortgage, there may be extra charges for early repayment.

Removal Costs

You can move everything yourself or hire a professional. It depends on your budget, the location and time constraints.

6. Preparing Your House for a Viewing

Obviously you want your home to be as clean and tidy as possible for potential buyers. This does not just mean shoving unwanted items in the nearest cupboard, as those doors are likely to be opened. Make sure even storage areas are organised. Open windows and empty bins to prevent bad smells lingering – brewing coffee, on the other hand, will add a pleasant aroma.